Mark Hankins Ministries has TWO options for Bible School


1.  MHM Correspondence Program

This program is for anyone that would like to grow deeper in their faith.  The correspondence program is an Accredited Program and you can earn your     Associates Degree and receive the tools you need to fulfill the call of God on your life.  


2. In Christ International Bible College

This accredited school of theology offers an Associate Degree in Theology and a Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry.  Our lecture material covers topics such as Divine Healing, Principles of Faith, The Holy Spirit and His Gifts, Biblical Finances, and much more.  These subjects taught with a spirit of faith, will revolutionize your thinking and radically change your life.  You will discover Christ, go deeper in the Word of God and begin to follow the plan of God for your life.  Our desire is to present a curriculum that will cultivate the good soil of your heart and produce good fruit.